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When: September 3rd
Min. sponsorship: £20
Registration fee: £5

Parallel London is designed for all abilities and ages. There’s no cut off times and everybody can run together, side-by-side, with time to finish the race. You'll be provided with a free chip timer so you can record your time and aim to beat it next year.

There’s a 10km, 5km, 1km, 100m and the Super Sensory 1km. Run it, walk it, push it or be pushed. Anything goes! The event welcomes all kinds of mobility aids on the course, please contact Anca Popescu (Events & Community Fundraising Executive) on 01372 755 041 or email: a.popescu@seeability.org

Participants who require a helping hand can bring a friend or family member on the course. Here are Parallel London's minimum age guidelines for those who require assistance:
100m = 1+ years
1km = 6+ years
5km = 9+ years
10km = 13+ years

Why take part for SeeAbility?

We will look after you from the moment you sign up, and our support never ends! You won't get lost in a team of hundreds, your dedication and desire mean that much more to a smaller charity like SeeAbility. 

Every single penny you raise will help us support adults and children with sight loss and multiple disabilities. Just by raising the minimum amount you could pay for a day of sight testing for children with learning disabilities, which could transform a child's life.

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